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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Job Search- a little late

My son is looking for work. It's a new concept for him. Having just come home from several weeks of foreign travel he was a little late in the summer employment game. He never applied for internships because he was supposed to work at a sleepaway camp, until he and all of his friends changed their minds. There really is not much around. He's been hitting the local retail locations to no avail. I've asked everyone I know and many that I do not. It seems that because of the bad economy the push down factor is hurting his chances. Adults are taking jobs that used to belong to college grads and those grads are taking the college kids'jobs. Since I dont want him sleeping all day and partying all night I've made many TO DO lists for him. So far, so good. Next week he will be driving his grandparents to their Dr.s appointments. If that doesn't make him search harder, nothing will. Did I mention, he is eating me out of house and home.


  1. Nancy, I have a 25 year old who is STILL in college! He has changed his major THREE times! I guess I can't be upset as long as he's happy with his decision. I relate to the eating you out of house and home! Although my son doesn't currently live at home, he stops in enough to for me to add to my grocery list each week! Anyway, I hope when he graduates (next May) the job marker is better! Good luck to your son!

  2. I am currently looking for work and I know that it is hard. People with education and experience seem to be finding some opportunity, but I think you are right about recent grads taking jobs that used to go to high school and/or college students. I also think that businesses who used to hire summer help just aren't. They don't need it.

    I hope things are better by next May too.