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Thursday, July 7, 2011

And away we go!

There we were, waiting for 7 am to strike.  All the checkmarks are in place and then boom....out went the internet.  Frantically, she shut down the computer again and again.  Finally, at 6:59 back on it went and at the stroke of 7, she hit the send button.  All classes were accepted and we have a schedule.  Freshman year is set! 
Back when I went to college, I remember waiting on line after line at the gym, hoping that by the time I got to the front of the line, the class wouldn't be filled, and then running around trying to find where the line is for the other classes I wantred.  Now in this computer age, push a button and its done.  I would prefer, of course, that it not be at & in the morning but that beats the 4am time if I lived on the west coast!
How have your child's experiences been with registration?

Next week...roommate notification.....

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  1. My kids have very similar experiences with registration in this computer daughter, who is entering her senior year is assigned a timeframe,based on her credits and logs on and click. Of course I failed to mention the weeks worth of obsessing before hand, "what if I don't get what I need" "if I can't get certain classes I won't graduate".... But in the end it always works out. My son's first semester schedule was done for him at orientation, because his program is so specialized, they fit it all in. second semester he and my husband worked for hours coming up with a series of possible schedules, trying to fit Marketing, fin ace,statistics, and Chinese into the "right" configuration! Of course there were also the specifications that he didn't want any class too early (definitely not a morning person, although he managed all through high school.) and the there was the dreaded elective! It had to be globally based, fill a requirement, not be with certain the end he texted me at 7:05 am the morning of registration and he get exactly the schedule he wanted! He turned over and went to sleep, I was up for the day! Is it any wonder that I need to get my hair colored monthly!