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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July and shopping

So naturally as the mother of a teenage daughter, all roads lead to shopping.  But as I have been trolling the net, quite a few nice sales have popped up that I figured I could share with you.

My daughter's personal favorite store, Urban Outfitters is running a big blowout sale online now.  Free shipping over $60.  Lots of cute tops, skirts and dresses. I even checked it out for the boys, and they have some really nice hoodies and v neck tees.

J. Crew has their factory store open every weekend.  Right now prices, while still a little high-ish are starting to come down.  I always liked them for their tanks; really cute and super soft and comfy.  Tip-their regular store is running their final sale now, and you can pick up some real good buys.  The only proble with J. Crew is their shipping charge.  If you can pool together with a few other people, than it is definitely worth it.

Banana Republic is running 40% off their sale.  Yippee, cause mom like it too.  Love Banana, especially when it is on sale!

My daughter found this line of inexpensive makeup called ELF.  Very very cheap and looks pretty good.  They are online at
Have a safe and happy 4th and please post if you have any other good 4th sales

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer vacation

So it is a monumental summer; one child will be off to college and the other will be entering high school.  I don't know how I will feel about my first baby leaving; scared for her,as the world is so much different now than when I went away, yet so excited to have her embark on her new life.  How did you all feel when your first child left for the first time.
Since my 14yr old will be in the same school for high school as he was in middle school; it isn't that much of a change, but with new kids coming in, there will be  a change in dynamics.  A core group of the "popular" kids are the ones who smoke and drink and run around all hours of the night.  My child doesn't do that; not that he's such a perfect child (ha!), but he isn't about that.  At least not yet!  I guess we will find out together.