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Monday, August 29, 2011

VMAs-Right or wrong?

     Now I know this is America and we are all about free speech and all that.  But this is an issue separate and apart from that.  It has to do with right and wrong.  And in my opinion, it was wrong, wrong, wrong for the VMAs to showcase Chris Brown the way they did.  The man is a felon.  The man beat up a woman so badly that she has cuts on her face.  Then, after he supposedly dealt with his "anger issues", the man tears off his shirt and puts a chair through a plate glass wall.  So whgat do we do?  We spotlight him and have these other idiots in the music industry give him a standing ovation.  All but one person-Jay-Z

     My hat's off to Jay-Z for standing up for his friend Rhianna, and for women.  While that idiot Kanye West is rattling off about how Bush doesn't like black people, he is jumping up and down with a big smile on his stupid face. Can we now say that Kanye West loves abusers? But I don't expect anything less than that from an ignorant fool like that.  The music industry, like the sports industry has sunk to the level that we now glorify thugs, felons and fools.  We thinkit's ok to get arrested for carrying unlicensed guns.  We think it's ok to beat the crap out of people and then write a song about it and absolve yourslef of any responsibility for your actions.  We think its fine to glorify the use of drugs and violence to our children.

     Yet the VMAs and MTV don't really care, when they give us crap to watch like the Jersely Shore and Real World.  I'm not even talking about Teen Mom...this show really doesn't glorify pregnancy from what I've seen.  My daughter would never want to end up in their predicamnet.  But we have created this mini universe of people who are parasites on socirty and really offer nothing to the world and are lauded for it.  Oh yes, Chris Brown is a great dancer, yes his songs are catchy.  THE MAN BEAT UP A WOMAN!!  Does anyone seem to care?  I don't think so; after all, it's been a few years already.  What's the big deal right?

     How do you all feel about this topic?  Please comment and tweet about it!


  1. It is all about ratings. If it wasn't then Snookie would not be a semi-household name. Ratings is what drives what is on TV and who is famous and who is not. The mindless and talent-less women along with the thugs, felons and women beaters that bring in the viewers.

    It is a sad state for our country. We can pray that the next generation will go back to true values and ethics.

  2. I completely agree with you. This is exactly why I do what I do. Good job, mama!