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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Independence Day isn't in July this year

Ever since last September, most of the talk in our household has revolved around the college search and application process.  Writing the essay, waiting for the Common App to come on line so it could be filled out, and making that all-important college list took center stage in my senior's life.  We planned out visits to co-ordinate with school and work schedules and had realistic discusions about where did she really want to spend her life for the next four years.  We took into consideration that I ws not in favor of having her out on the west coast, and she agreed; in fact, she didn't want to go further than a three hour Amtrak ride or an hour and a half plane ride.  (Note to parents of rising seniors-if your child want to attend school in a very cold environment, make that tour during thase cold winter months so your child can see what it will be like when they have to travel then!)
The school my daughter chose was not supposed to be on her list; she went there to cross it off and move on.  instead she fell in love and was thrilled to be accepted.  All those hours (and dollars) spent studying for and taking those tests paid off-she will be a college girl come this August.
And now it is mid-July and she had one more month at home-the shopping and deciding on the all important room furnishing is upon us.  Yes we visited Bed Bath and Beyond, but it did not meet her expectations, so the serach continues.  All the while I watch her, preparing for her classes; reading the books they have recommended and choosing her classes with care, thinking "she really is leaving; this is the start of her new life."  Yes she will return, but it will never be the same.  Wtih each passing month, she will engage in new experiences that I won't be a part of and that she will have to learn to handle by her own self.  She is becoming that adult that I wished for her to grow up to be, almost 18 years ago when she was a newborn and I looked at her in her crib.  This smart, kind, beautiful young woman who has the world before her, and is ready to jump in.  I am thankful she is taking me along for the ride.

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  1. I have four children that are a bit up the ladder of life than yours (26,24,21 &19)so I can empathize big time with you going through the college app process. Our 3 oldest are boys, but the youngest is a daughter and I can't tell you how many trips to a bedding store we made last summer! With my boys, its 'just get whatever Mom, I don't care". So different! But I love it.

    So glad you found my blog on parenting. I will be following yours through GFC.